About us

Having started from humble beginnings as a triathlon club in 2018, our community has grown and expanded all across Asia.

To us, community is everything. Regardless of your line of profession, or your personal interests, we want you to be part of the Breakaway family and Breakaway from what holds you back!

With histories in performance sports and modeling, our co-founders have curated a collection of apparel that are made comfortable and durable for all. Each and every product has been carefully curated, and comfort & performance tested.

We created this for people like us, the ones who are constantly pushing ourselves, be it in the office, at the gym or on the roads.

Our products are meant to be versatile and adaptable to your daily lives as you go through your day from a business meeting, lifting weights or even Shavasana.

This is made for you. Are you ready to Breakaway?

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