Why Maintaining Form is a Marathon, Not a Sprint!

Ever wondered why keeping the right technique in those long-distance races feels trickier?  Let's lace up our running shoes and explore this endurance thing together!

Recreational athletes usually dive into the deep end of long-distance races, leaving the shorter ones in the dust. But why? Society, peer pressure, or maybe just a leap into fitness after the age of 30? The struggle is real! I understand the physiological limitations that you can not excel at shorter ones, but it is still necessary for your long-distance racing.

Fact - our bodies need time to learn new moves, especially after the 30. It's like teaching an old dog new tricks but with more sweat. Unlearning those years of 'same old' moves takes patience and persistence.

Shorter races allow us the luxury of time. We can master the basics, polish the skills, and then conquer the longer tracks. It's like learning to walk before attempting a marathon sprint. That makes sense, right?

We talk about muscle endurance and mental toughness, but what about form endurance? It's the key of the racing, waiting for its moment. It takes YEARS, not months, to develop and hold that perfect form over the long distance. Initially, it is even observed that struggle is real to hold that for 10 mins.

We're not robots; we're runners. Our bodies have memories, and sometimes, they play hard to get. Ever tried telling your muscles, "Hey, we're doing it a bit differently today"?

Remember, every step is a victory, and every race teaches us something new. Keep running, keep smiling
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