Focus on the Quality of Movement ☑️ as a priority versus everything else i.e. repetitions, time etc.

▶️Training the Core for Strength – Dead Bug 🐞:
1️⃣ Lie on your back and ensure that your hips are tilted posteriorly, achieve this by flushing your lower back flat on the ground without lifting your hips. If you are unable to achieve this, place a folded towel under yourower back to facilitate the movement (but work to address this dysfunction – to be discussed in a separate post).
2️⃣ Draw your navel in towards your spine slightly and bring your knees and arms up (as shown) with hips and knees at 90 degrees. Establish this starting ‘dead bug’ position, while maintaining your hips and core stable as in 1️⃣⬆️.

3️⃣ Extend one leg and the contralateral arm in a controlled manner through the entire range of movement. Once fully extended, hold the position for 1-2 seconds before drawing both limbs back into the initial dead bug position  before alternating to the other arm and leg.
4️⃣ Repeat the movement and always ensure that the hips and core are held stable with minimum displacement. Once form breaks or the inability to hold the posterior hip position occurs, that concludes number of repetitions. Don’t be surprised that majority struggle to maintain good form from 2-3 repetition onwards.

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