PHV or Peak Height Velocity

PHV or Peak Height Velocity

Do you know what PHV means and why does it matter?

PHV or Peak Height Velocity  is simply the period of time in which a child experiences their fastest upward growth in their stature – i.e. the time when they grow the fastest during their adolescent growth spurt.

The onset of the adolescent growth spurt coincides with the onset of puberty and occurs two years earlier in girls (approximately 11 years of age) than in boys (approximately 13 years of age)

And why is this important?

Before, during, and after PHV, there are certain periods in time in which young athletes are more sensitive to particular types of training (strength, speed, hypertrophy etc). These periods of accelerated adaptation have many implications for training programme design i.e. intensity, volume, frequency, periodisation, training group segregation and so on.

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