Is there a difference between health and fitness? 💪

Is there a difference between health and fitness? 💪

Many people believe that being fit automatically means being healthy, but unfortunately, that's not entirely true. The truth is, the fittest athletes are not necessarily healthy.

Fitness is a physical or mental approach, whereas health is an overall approach. Health is all about optimizing your lifestyle from every aspect. You need good food, exercise, good sleep, and high self-awareness to maintain good health. Basically, it's all about making lifestyle changes.

On the other hand, fitness can be a temporary thing for many people, such as just getting 6-pack abs and then not working out for a year. Or even getting a PB in your sport is not health or a lifestyle change. You can get it in both scientific way or non-scientific way. It's important to understand the importance of what you're doing rather than just doing it.

For instance, there are many cases of cardiac attacks and heart ailments among the sporting communities. The reason for this is poor lifestyle habits. No matter how fit a person is, if their lifestyle is poor, their health is going to suffer. Therefore, it's essential to focus on your fitness and sports, but always prioritize your health.

Do regular checkups and tweak your training routine accordingly. Just because you're working out doesn't mean it will solve any chronic health issues you may have or in worst cases which you even not aware of.

Remember, health is a broader concept that encompasses physical, mental, and social well-being, while fitness is more focused on physical abilities. So, let's strive for both health and fitness, making lifestyle changes that will keep us healthy and fit in the long run.

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Article contributed by: Tushar Bhangale

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