How do muscles get tight?

How do muscles get tight?

When muscles are at an incorrect length, we don't move the way we want to. The reason for this is because our brain sends a signal for movement, however this signal is picked up by muscles that are most active, hence the more active the muscles are, they become tighter.

In addition, muscles also get tight when bones are in the correct places respective to the body. Here are some reasons why joint positions change: We spend too much time in the same posture e.g. sitting in front of the computer for many hours We keep performing the same movement pattern too often e.g. only doing pushing exercises in the gym

Due to a previous injury, compensation occurs e.g. if you had sprained your ankle on one leg, you would put more body weight on the non-injured leg In reality these reasons accumulate and have a greater influence on how we feel and impact our movement significantly and are also somewhat predictable as we age.

The good news is, we can actually slow down and even reverse this process by maintaining our mobility and becoming stronger for function.

One of the best ways all improving the situation would be to frequently work on improving your mobility and staying flexible with our MobBall™ Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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