Having control over your mind

Having control over your mind is something I wanted to talk about today since I believe it is frequently neglected in the area of high performance. It can be utilised to help you succeed in all aspects of your life, including job, finances, a variety of other endeavours, and sports. It can be given to yourself as a gift.

Think about it - when you have patience and control over your mind, you become tougher and more resilient. You can survive through tough experiences and come out even stronger on the other side. This is what separates high performance athletes and Olympians from others.

But it's not just about being physically tough. It's also about being mentally tough and staying focused on your goals. Thinking about your reasons for your actions is one method to do this. Doing things because everyone else is doing them or because they are the appropriate thing for you?

This is where Olympians and high performance athletes differ from others. They think about what they need in place right now and focus on their goals. They don't just go along with the crowd. They reflect on what sets them apart from others and what makes them special.
The next time you feel tempted to behave a certain way just because everyone else is, pause and consider what it is that you genuinely want. Evaluate whether or not it will assist you in reaching your goals or if it is merely a distraction.

Never forget that mental training is a valuable skill that may help you succeed in both sports and life. Thus, exhale deeply, maintain your attention, and continue moving forward.

Article contributed by: Tushar Bhangale

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